Let me tell you my story...

Hi There! I am Michele Cox

I am a certified health and wellness coach, lover of life and firm believer that we all have value, who is convinced we can change the world by owning and seeking our individual health and wellness and creating wholeness of our mind, body and spirit!

We can take back our personal power, know our value, be rooted in love and live joyfully.

I became a health and wellness coach because I know through my own experience what it’s like to feel stuck and hopeless.  Although I loved my career, I was stuck feeling overworked and undervalued. In so many ways I did not value myself enough to ask for what I needed and ultimately became trapped in a cycle of debilitating thoughts, feelings and behaviors.

We aren't meant to stay stuck!

We are made for JOY!

At the point of complete burnout I suffered severe depression, I was overweight, exercise was not helping me lose weight, I lacked energy, I felt overwhelmed and could not see how I could continue living this way. Fortunately, I had a strong faith and continued to seek clarity. One day I heard my inner voice say,  “I’m so depressed”.  I had this aha moment and realized just telling myself I was depressed made me more depressed!  At that point, I knew I needed to change my life.

I quit my job and started searching.  Because my career is in health care, health and wellness coaching is a natural passion.  I knew that we don’t have to just passively let aging happen with all kinds of chronic disease and lack longevity and vitality.  I now know we are meant to live life abundantly in peace and with joy.  Overwhelm and burnout don’t have to be our story.  We can take back our personal power, know our value, be rooted in love and live joyfully.  It feels amazing to wake up and welcome each new day with joy and gratitude!  That’s what I want for you!

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    What my clients say

    Before coaching with Michele, I struggled with chaos in my life.  Michele taught me that rushing was actually hurting my health and keeping me in a stressed place.  She helped me develop a morning routine that I love, prioritize my health with changes to food and who I am being when I eat.  I now get to choose behaviors that put me first and create peace in my life!

    Beth B.


    Working with Michele has been so great for me.  I have learned so much about myself and so much more!  Michele has been a life saver!


    Roxann D.


    Working with Michele has helped me exchange judgement with curiosity and has improved relationships as I have changed the way I react to negative situations.



    Donna V.


    I signed up to work with Michele to help her meet certification requirements. I ended up benefitting in ways I was not expecting!


    Sheila L.

    Practice Client